Monday, November 10, 2008

The Beautiful Truth...

It was a cold night…3am…

I can see my friends around…all f’em sittin on the bed in a circular manner…she was sitting next to me, lookin amazingly beautiful…I always felt proud whenever she talks only to me or sits next to me when there are poeple around…my mind’l b like ” Ha! shez more close to me than to u all..Bad luck people!Shez jus mine..”..mad..The night was fun…didnt notice how time was going at all…we laughed..listened..teased…and at last when everyone got tired, one f us, i dont remember who, started asking questions to others concernin their personal lives…Everyone seemed to somehow enjoy it as its always a good timepass to listen either to a person’s griefs or his life’s personal matters which is masked to the world…All of us joined in and started doing the same to random people around..It was slow n smooth..all answers were listened with utmost interest..and all answers wer truthfully spoken with filled emotion…Maybe its the time..or was it the mood i dont know..

The question hit me like a bolt! I jumped : “Excuse me?” ..

“God..” ..he replied lazily..”I asked what is your opinion about HER?What’s she to us..”..Suddenly the whole room became silent..i felt like everyone wanted to ask this question to me since long..but never did..Girls removed mufflers from their ears n boys straightened their legs..what was al this? getting ready for the answer?

But…what is she to me…I have never given this a thought earlier…I always loved loving her more n more but never..never did i think f a reason for it…What should i say? much should i say? U know i always found these romantic dialogues like” i dnt knw where to start..where to end” etc as dumbest of things..but at that moment..Where the hell would i start? neither is she my girlfriend nor m i gna propose her..then y am i thinkin dis much n y confused?..I looked to my left where she sat…i saw her eyes..yes, even she was expecting..She looked like a baby..a total sweetheart..our eyes locked…And then i spoke..

I dnt remember what i spoke and when did i finish…but felt so good after that..others continued the game asking silly things to other people..laughin around..but i was not in a mood to laugh..i felt myself alleviated to a different level…a nice smooth one…

“psst..psst…” she was calin me..


“I’m sorry…”

“Sorry? for what sweetheart?” God i felt like hugging her..

“For the last few days…the way i was behaving with u…u know i was frustrated right? I told u na,the whole ambience around here is driving me nuts..”, and she looked at me with such a cute face filled with guilt,expecting forgiveness…God…she is the cutest..

I smiled…i pulled her close to me n kissed her forehead..She gave me back the most beautiful smile ive ever seen in my life..

Others were still not done with their games n jokes..She was lying down with her head on my legs stretched..i sat leaning on the wall with one hand on the bed and the other brushin her hair..her hand on bed caught mine…our fingers crossed..n that time, a cold stream f somethin flowed with full pressure inside me…it was so so beautiful… cold water slitherin through red hot rock…painful, yet beautiful…Oh, i would do anything for her…anything!

She suddenly turned her head towards me n asked…”Did u ever lie to me?”…I looked at her face with all the love i have in this world n said ” I can’t..even if i wish to…” ..n that was the ultimate truth which is…beautiful…

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MEGHA said...

As a said......beautiful.....simply beautiful