Monday, November 10, 2008


Words..words r really wonderful right?A good combination of’em can even take someone’s heart away..or even break it..or even mend thngs..though v forget most of the combination of words v hear, some remain really long..v treasure some, fear some, and even fight some..howmuchever close u r to someone, a really bad combination of words from that person to you can shatter the whole thing..U may start moving away for their sake..Some words, u regret u shudnt’ve said..some combination of words are not meant to be said..U need to be really mature to know which,else u mite even get the worst blow of ur life..sometimes u r out of words..that’s wen u reach extremes of ur emotions..same words when framed in different ways can give different outputs..isn’t that amazing?Words make u think..words make u laugh..words make u cry..I know ‘words’ is not a good angle to analyse situations but..its only words..n words are all i take away.. ;)

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